Installation Help

The Original Kitchen Rack can be installed in almost any location with either the Nano-Pads or screws. Our Nano-Pads will stick to most clean, non-porous, surfaces (Tile, Glass, Steel, Aluminum, Melamine, Plastic, Polished Wood) and can be removed and re-positioned.

Simply attach pads to rack with tail pointing down, firmly tighten each nut, then attach to install surface.

Please use our guides below to ensure you find the right place to install your Original Kitchen Rack.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for Nano-Pads or screws.

  1. Clean and dry install site. Attach lid to back wire. Hold the unit against door close to hinge and check to ensure door will close.
  2. For Nano-pads… (more)


Minimum Door Opening Guide

The Original Kitchen Rack can go almost anywhere! Follow our helpful guide to ensure you find the right location for your rack..

Minimum Opening Guide